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Raffaelli and its history

The Tyrrhenian Sea and the Apuan Alps between these one will find Lucca, a land which has great culinary traditions. Between the olive trees that completely cover Tuscan hills, an outstanding names in history and literature, which is the company, Raffaelli.  The Raffaelli family, for over 100 years been planting the olive trees over this region in order to always be able to provide each table with its best oil. 

In 1913, the Raffaelli family decided to begin to commercializate the area. Since then, the quality of oil Raffaelli has done nothing but improve and certainly not with the introduction of the technology. The Raffaelli meanwhile have watched because they were used the same stone crushers than once, the same earthenware jars and obviously the same production techniques.

The result is an oil with a balanced flavor with the right mix of sweetness and strength. The sense of smell detects intense aromas and fruity. Tasting the strong flavor and round affects all areas of the palate, leaving a pleasant spicy aftertaste that goes very well with meats and vegetables, without disdaining the fish.


The result of our best olives, wrapped in the elegant refinement of our packaging. Among the various products, stands out the Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tuscany, produced by variety “Frantoio” olives “Leccino”, collected in the second half of November, this very high-quality oil, stood at acidity levels extremely downs. The fragrance and taste are fruity, green in color with golden yellow notes that fully describe the round taste, slightly sweet with a spicy aftertaste. A flavorful oil that keeps her alive and fresh taste for all 12 months of the pressing. Famous in the world, balsamic vinegars of Modena PGI, chosen by us and made to age in oak barrels to give then life to a great selection of balsamic, so as to satisfy all the highest demands. mainly stand out the balsamic vinegars of Modena Gold, Silver and Bronze, obtained by the aging of grape must concentrate on low heat in small wooden barrels.

A careful selection of freshly picked vegetables, cleaning and entirely handcrafted, allow to enjoy a product as well as the only place, and in the middle of the season, it can happen to taste. The Sauces line was created from the recipes of the past, when love for the culinary arts and food preparation, showed off the simple home cooking, for the preparation of these delicious toppings. Ready for use, must be heated over low heat in a pan, where it will finish cooking the pasta (al dente sufficiently removed), for about 2 minutes. Among other distinct “Pesto”, a cold sauce, which for decades was one of the best known Italian typicality and appreciated all over the world. Creams, ready for use, become a low heat with the addition of a thread of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, for an excellent pasta sauce, or for the preparation of delicious canapes on the freshly toasted bread.

Pasta From the best Italian tradition comes an assortment rich and varied , from the drawn shapes to bronze to flavored paste at the time of preparation with high quality ingredients . Among the more innovative here is the pasta with cocoa . This specialty is machined from the finest cocoa powder, natural bitter taste that goes well with a first course . It does not contain butter, sugar or milk added. An original pasta to be proposed for special occasions. To enhance the taste will suggest simple combinations such as garlic and chili, or sophisticated as cream and fresh strawberries to pieces. The assortment also includes the selection of cereals, pulses, dehydrated vegetables and herbs ready to prepare tasty risottos. To enjoy at any time, the pleasures of country tradition and the finest seasonal scents.


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