Prosciutto di Pietraroja (raw ham) is the result of a long maturation of at least 24 months, aged in traditional wood and stone rooms and exposed to the unique microclimate generated by the winds of the Matese.


Pietraroja-ham is the most exclusive ham in the world and it is Campano but no one knows. The curing place is Pietraroja, a small mountain village in the province of Benevento, located in the natural park of Matese, an absolutely uncontaminated area with no polluting human activities. The small village is set in a unique environment, about a thousand meters above sea level, perched on a sunny slope at the foot of Mount Mutria, surrounded by the deep Titerno gorge.

The purity of the air and the very particular microclimate of this lonely and lost village in the mountains are the ideal combination for a unique seasoning that enhances the aromas and dries the Pietraroja slowly, gently. In the 48/60 months of patient waiting, the aromas acquired by the meat in the wild pastures are prepared to explode when cut by a skilful blade, intoxicating the sense of smell and conquering the taste. An undisputed quality! Which can only come about if all the ingredients are perfect. A different style of ham, which takes advantage of the intensity and aromas that come from the quality of the meat, from the food and from the place of maturation. A product of great complexity, powerful and sensual, delicious on the palate in a surprising crescendo of olfactory articulations, of charm in the aromatic elegance and in the refined persistence of the taste, the Pietraroja has a fullness and a sapidity that finally give an aftertaste that underlines the delicate herbaceous notes and warm spicy nuances.

“IlPietraroja” is a fragile material that reacts almost instantly to any change in humidity and temperature. The right place is therefore essential for the full expressive development of aromas, and this miracle has taken place in the remote mountain village of Pietraroja since the 18th century. It is important to know that Pietraroja is a constantly evolving essence and if mistreated it cannot be “healed”, but it will remain an eternal convalescent threatened by a possible relapse, which this time will be lethal.

If the Pietraroja manages to tolerate a warm and cool atmosphere for some time, excess dryness, heat or humidity, it is fatal especially if repeated. The best aging and maintenance conditions for Pietraroja are those of a constant climate, for this reason every movement is absolutely controlled and protected; a wrong passage would nullify eight years of passionate and extraordinary work.

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