White Polesano Garlic PDO – 100 gr


  • White polesano garlic
  • PDO – Protected Denomination of Origin
  • Emilia Romagna origin
  • 100 gr
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White garlic is the most used type of garlic in Itay: it has a defined, decisive flavor, and is characterized by a high shelf life. It is widely used in the kitchen to flavor numerous dishes, or as an ingredient for sauces or sauces, for example pesto. This one is also PDO which means that it is Protected Denomination of Origin -it is high quality and certified.

About the brand

The Delfanti Spa company is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of processes and services not only by producing part of the energy reused within the production processes, but also by investing in the use of green packaging. Delfanti S.p.A. proposes an important novelty on the theme of sustainability by adopting the packaging of 100% compostable products, made with paper and bio-based Pla. The materials used for the packaging are derived from raw materials of renewable origin. The bioplastic is of biological origin and does not use elements of fossil origin (coal or oil)


Piacenza – Emilia Romagna




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