Voghiera Garlic PDO – 100 gr


  • Voghiera garlic
  • PDO – Protected Denomination of Origin
  • Reggio Emila origin
  • 100 gr
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Garlic of Voghiera PDO is large in size, formed by a crown of a few, large, regular cloves wrapped in thin white tunics or rarely streaked with pink. The gentle flavor and the sweet and delicate taste are the natural synthesis of enzymes, vitamins, flavonoids and mineral salts.The characteristic aroma that is released when the garlic is crushed and cut is due to the presence of allicin, a powerful bactericide.

About the brand

Refined and never pungent, the Garlic of Voghiera PDO makes every dish special. Its sweet and delicate taste, combined with great versatility, is ideal for a creative and refined cuisine. The authentic flavor of the Ferrara plain owes its organoleptic characteristics to the clayey and loamy soil, which favors the perfect balance between quality and aroma. The traditionally hand-made processing and the craftsmanship of its producers make it a unique and inimitable product, guaranteed by the Consorzio Produttori Aglio di Voghiera.


Ferrara – Emilia Romagna


Aglio Voghiera DOP

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