Original from Tropea Sicily Red Onion PGI – 100 gr


  • Red onion from Tropea
  • PGI – Protected geographical indication
  • Calabria origin
  • 100 gr

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PGI Tropea Red Onion – Onions are made up of 90% water, 1% protein, very little fat and some important mineral elements such as potassium, calcium and phosphorus (table 1). The carbohydrate portion is mainly made up of simple sugars and a small amount of fiber consisting mainly of fructans (a fructose polymer) which from a nutritional point of view is important as being an indigestible polysaccharide it is a substrate for the intestinal bacterial flora. This causes the balance of the intestinal bacterial flora to be shifted in favor of the bifid flora (to the detriment of the putrefective one) with documented health benefits.

About the brand

The general objective of the Calabria PGI Tropea Red Onion consortium is to achieve communication and enhancement of the “Tropea Calabria Red Onion” product, ensuring that the peculiarities recently recognized through the IGP are enhanced and highlighted in the eyes of consumers who are more attentive to quality agricultural production. The portal of the Consortium for the Protection of Tropea Calabria IGP Red Onion was created to make known, promote and enhance a quality product guaranteed by the IGP brand. Official communications, participation in fairs and events, press reviews: the whole world of Tropea Calabria IGP Red Onion just a click away! In the various sections it is possible to find information about the functions of the Consortium and the peculiarities of the Tropea Calabria IGP Red Onion.



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Consorzio cipolla rossa di tropea IGP


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