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Tre Marie Pandoro traditional. A simple recipe. A soft mixture of fresh eggs, butter and flour in respect of the Veronese tradition. The slender shape, color golden softly, the soft and fragrant dough is wrapped in a cloud of sugar icing. Good as tradition.

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About the Brand

Tre Marie is a paladin of the Goodness of Milan, goodness that’s rooted in the values of the city’s culture, in the selection of excellent ingredients and in a slow, painstaking process dictated by priceless know-how coming from the past. It’s goodness that reflects the simple gestures of tradition, like that of representing the Colomba with open wings, a sign of peace. This is why Tre Marie’s flavor is an original flavor, because our products are the only ones still made where they were born, in the heart of Milan.




Soft wheat flour, sugar, water, butter, egg yolks, emulsifier, natural yeast,salt, Vanilla, natural products.

May contain traces of nuts, and soy,



Tre Marie

Brand of Italian desserts

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