Traditional Colomba – 800g


  • Traditional Colomba
  • 100% Italian Ingredients
  • 800 gr
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Traditional Colomba – A high-quality Colomba is also recognized by candied fruit. For this we have enriched our Colomba with gems from the citrus groves of Sicily, where the best oranges grow. Carefully selected, cut into thick cubes and dipped in candied syrups that make them shiny and soft, Tre Marie candied fruit is non-peel scorzoni, because they derive both from the outer part of the peel like all candied fruit and from the albedo, the white part, between rind and pulp. In this way the candied fruit preserves the essence of citrus fruits, their natural freshness, softness and intense flavor.

About the Brand

Tre Marie The bakery became a pastry shop, always having as a specialty the leavened bread of the ancient recipe. It is the period of the Belle Époque. That elegant and refined world poured into the center of Milan, reflected in the windows of the Tre Marie pastry shop. A place that soon became a meeting place for intellectuals, writers and lovers of goodness. And where the pleasure of well-made desserts and the optimistic and joyful vision of life blended perfectly. The pastry chefs of Tre Marie are true artisans of leavened dough, capable of enhancing its characteristics and guardians of the secret touch of each panettone: the ‘Mother’ yeast. Enclosed in the heart of the oven and carefully protected in a cloth, from which we take small portions every day. The most popular quality of panettone is hidden in the leavening: softness. 

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Tre Marie

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