Tagliolini Egg Pasta (Antica Madia) – 250 gr


  • Egg made Tagliolini
  • Hand made pasta
  • 250 gr

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About the brand

The Antica Madia was from the memory of these unmistakable flavors and the desire to maintain this tradition that the idea of ​​initially founding a small laboratory for the production of the queen of all egg pasta, the Tajarin, a particular and characteristic format of this area, was born. The ingredients are the simplest and most genuine you can imagine: flour, water and eggs, kneaded to perfection to obtain a sublime product, which is consumed mainly with the sauces of our land: rabbit or mushroom ragù, for arrive at the classic dish of Tajarin with the famous white truffle grating from Alba.

Starting from the production of classic egg pasta shapes – Tajarin, Tagliolini, Tagliatelle, Pappardelle-, L’antica Madia has gradually increased the variety of products to offer to the market: today it boasts a range of 16 products only for it’s about egg pasta. Pasta shapes such as straw and hay tagliatelle, mafalde, tagliolini with truffles and tagliatelle with Barolo wine are among the best sellers of this company, appreciated all over the world. Although egg pasta has always been the flagship of this pasta factory, one cannot ignore another important pasta produced, durum wheat semolina pasta. For those who do not like the character and body of egg pasta, there is a huge range of semolina pasta. Not for this reason L’Antica Madia asks its consumers to give up the traditional formats mentioned above: as well as for egg pasta, also in this case you can taste delicious tagliolini, tagliatelle, pappardelle as far as long pasta, curls are concerned. , penne, paccheri and many others for short pasta.




Tagliolini Egg Pasta – Durum wheat semolina, eggs 33%

May contain traces of molluscs

Keep in a dry and cool place

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L'Antica Madia


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