Sweet Bread Bisciola Fig & Walnut Cake – 700 gr


  • Typical cake from Valtellina
  • Figs, sultanas, walnuts, and honey
  • 450 gr

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Bisciola is a type of sweet bread, typical of the Valtellina valley that we still make by hand using a combination of genuine, natural ingredients, including flours, figs, sultanas, walnuts, sugar, butter, egg yolks, and honey. The flour and water dough is left to rise naturally for a good thirty-six hours according to ancient recipes passed down over the last two centuries. This procedure makes the product easy to digest despite its rich ingredients. To fully enjoy our Bisciola, made with high-quality butter, warm it up before cutting it into slices. Bisciola is especially decadent topped with whipped cream or sprinkled with a little white grappa.

Legend has it that when Napoleon's troops invaded northern Italy in 1797 they advanced as far as the Valtellina where Napoleon himself had a stop. On that occasion the Emperor asked his chef to prepare a dessert that was made with ingredients available in our valley; thus the first Bisciola was made. Legend aside, Bisciola is undoubtedly an old, traditional sweet baked bread that has been passed down from generation to generation for over 200 years. It used to be made to mark the occasion of Christmas, and started to be prepared as far back as the autumn months, a period in which the housewives picked, dried and stored the fruit of our valley to use later for making Bisciola.

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In continuation with traditions, Dolciaria Valtellinese still produces Bisciola by hand, using genuine, carefully selected high-quality ingredients, i.e. flour, figs, raisins, walnuts, sugar, butter, egg yolk and honey. Much care and attention is taken over the processing and leavening of the dough, which is carried out in a good 36 hours, and in which only natural yeast (flour and water) is used. This process enables the Company to obtain an easily digestible product, also due to the fact that it is hand kneaded, which, in turn, maintains the elasticity of the dough.
We recommend placing Bisciola near a source of heat before consumption and cutting it into thin slices. It can be served with either whipped cream or fine white brandy sprinkled on top.



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