Italian Amaretti cookies with almond – Box: 4 packs


Italian Amaretti cookies with almond flavor.
Box: 4 packs per box
Pack: 600 gr
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Italian Amaretti cookies Amaretti are small, crunchy sweets with an unmistakable flavor. Amaretti cookies are perfect for breakfast or afternoon snacks. They are ideal if accompanied by a delicious sweet wine or crumbled on fresh fruit salad or ice cream. These  are fragrant and full of taste these soft amaretti are delicious pastries with a crumbly sweet crust. Inside a tender heart, in which the bitter and persistent note of the apricot kernel blends harmoniously with the sweet taste of the toasted almonds.

About the Brand

Paolo Lazzaroni & Figli is based in Saronno and is owned by the Lazzaroni family. The Lazzaroni family historically owned two different Lazzaroni companies; in 1927, the two companies merged into a single structure that concentrated all its energy on the production of biscuits, while also maintaining the production of Amaretto Lazzaroni 1851, considering it as the “liquid biscuit”. Meanwhile the confectionery side of the company has grown remarkably well, becoming one of the most famous around the world, known for its high quality standards. In 1984, after the sale of the biscuits branch (D. Lazzaroni & C, which today no longer has anything to do with the family or Saronno) to an American multinational, Paolo Lazzaroni – namesake of his great-grandfather creator of liqueurs – kept instead “Paolo Lazzaroni & Figli” with the production of confectionery specialties, liqueurs, continuing to have the production of the well-known liqueur Amaretto Lazzaroni 1851 as a glorious banner and then resuming the confectionery production under the Chiostro di Saronno brand. In the early 1990s, Paolo Lazzaroni built the current plant in Saronno. The company is now managed by Paolo and Luca lazzaroni who are the 7th and 8th generation of a family of entrepreneurs who have always worked in the high quality Italian food sector through different realities;


Box: 4 packs per box
Pack: 600 gr


sugar, apricot seeds (19%), egg white. It may contain hazelnuts.

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Chiostro di Saronno


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