Italian Pecorino (Senese Peppery) – Caseificio Pinzani 200 gr


  • Italian Pecorino (Senese Peppery)
  • Origin: Tuscany
  • 200 gr

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This particular pecorino cheese has been aged for about twenty days from there it is then covered with the rind that has plenty of ground black pepper that provides a pleasant contrast between a soft and sharp tastes. Previously in ancient times, pepper was one of the highest priceded spice. Cheeses that were made with pepper were favoured by the noble Sienese families since the 15th century. To be tried grated on plain spaghetti sprinkled with pepper, for a poor-man’s recipe typical of our grandparents’ days: cheese and pepper spaghetti enjoyed with Vernaccia from San Gimignano.

About the Brand

The tastes and aromas of tradition gain substance in Caseificio Pinzani’s pecorinos, in a journey back in time to re-discover the precious recipes, jealously transmitted through centuries, of the shepherd culture. A delicate balance between craftsmanship and modern technologies preserves the typical traits of the Sienese pecorino unchanged. Pinzani’s pecorinos (sheep milk cheeses preserve unaltered the aromas and the flavours of the pastures of origin, selected exclusively between the Sienese Clays and Volterra Cliffs. Clay soils covered with tuffs that transform into coffers of scents, colours, harmonies, and learning. A respect and a passion that are also reflected in the attention to detail and in the dedication manifested at work, to emphasise an authenticity far removed from a standardisation of tastes.




Sheep’s milk, salt, lamb rennet, pepper


For more information about this brand and recipes using their products, check out our Italia Regina’s blog here!

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