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PROFILE: A beer with a very decisive flavour and round body characterized by a moderately bitter note.
PAIRINGS: Ideal with intensely-flavoured starters, cold cuts and aged cheeses.

Style: Bock
Colour type: Pale
Head: Fine, compact, adherent
Appearance: Clear
Colour: Intense gold
Carbonation: Moderate
Body: Rounded
Bitterness: Moderate
Ingredients: Water, Hops, Barley malt, Glucose syrup
Bottle: 0.33 ML x 3 bottles

About the Brand

Angelo Poretti left Italy when he was young and travelled throughout Europe. Throug his travels, he discovered beer, which inspired his most important dream bringing beer to Italy and adapting it to Italian taste In Austria, Bohemia and Bavaria, Angelo Poretti met the best brewers, learning their recipes and the secrets of their profession. When he came back to Italy, he invested his life savings in building his brewery in Valganna, a location specifically chosen for its extremely pure water, a fundamental ingredient for producing top quality beer. On 26 December 1877 Birrificio Angelo Poretti’s first brew was produced.


Carlsberg Italia

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