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This beautiful dove-shaped cake is the result of 72 hours of slow and wise processing, respecting traditional methods with the use of carefully selected raw materials and sublime quality. The dove is a symbol of peace and the cake is traditionally eaten at Easter in Italy. The Colomba cake is sure to go down a treat on Easter Sunday!

About the brand

The history of Panettone and Colomba Vergani is, first of all, the history of a family. From the artisan workshop to the company production, for four generations they have been preserving (and passing on) the values ​​and traditions that have made Vergani a brand of excellence. Today they are the only one (and the last) to produce Panettone on an industrial scale in Milan, where the traditional recipe is born.

It all began in 1944, in a small pastry shop in Viale Monza, in Milan. Angelo Vergani, an enterprising young man, in love with pastry and his hometown, starts his own business. These were difficult years, in the skies of Milan the echo of the bombing still resounds, but the desire to start over and the passion for work are stronger than any bomb. The authenticity of the ingredients and the continuous search for quality allow “al Vergani” to make itself known and appreciated in a short time by its fellow citizens and to specialize in the production of the real Milanese Panettone.

Seventy years have passed and today from their laboratory (a few hundred meters from where the first pastry was built) 600,000 Panettoni and colombe come out a year, but each of them is special because made according to the ancient tradition and with the same craftsmanship. and the original recipe handed down to us by great-grandfather Angelo. The real secret of an excellent? The ingredients, of course …



– Delicious pieces of Sicilian oranges, candied with the use of natural raw materials such as the sugar cane.

– Flours obtained from the best grains, with wheat germ ground to stone.
– High-quality Tuscan Acacia honey.
– Natural Vanilla Bourbon fragrant quality, native to Madagascar.
– Only natural flavorings.
…..And with a rich covering of delicious almonds.

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