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The Chianti Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Box is an elegant white packaging with silver label, that contains three different types of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (100 ml each): one bottle of Leccino Oil, one bottle of Moraiolo Oil and one bottle of Frantoio Oil.

The Leccino Oil is made by Leccina olive, the most known variety of Italian olives. It has a delicate flavour and a light intensity.

The Moraiolo Oil is made by Moraiola olive, that has a round shape and it is very widespread in Italy. This product has an intense flavour with spicy notes.

The Frantoio Oil is made by Frantoiana olive, which is known for is deep green color. This oil has a decided taste, ideal for creating dishes with a distinct character.



The Pruneti company is located in the province of Florence, in Tuscany.

The company for four generations is specialized in the production of olive oil, with particular attention to every production phase.

Moreover, Pruneti has decided to export its products also abroad, expanding the Italian oil market.

Currently, Pruneti produces nine types of extra virgin olive oil that differ in tastes and flavors, borned from the perfect mix of tradition and innovation.

The company has achieved several certifications: BIO, Tuscan IGP, DOP, DOCG.


This product is ideal for creating corporate gifts. The minimum order is 100 pieces, available in 10 working days. The product can be customized. Ask for a quotation.





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