Buckwheat Cous Cous – 500 gr


  • 500 gr
  • Gluten free
  • Made in Italy
  • No need to cook

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The Bia Buckwheat Cous Cous is entirely obtained from organic buckwheat flour. It can be prepared in few minutes, simply hydrating it with water, also cold. Ideal to prepare quick dishes, but also tasty. No need to cook it. Gluten Free. Prepare the Buckwheat Cous Cous that best suits your needs and tastes, plus it allow you to create tasty and healthy dishes even just using cold water together with your imagination. The range of couscous made by Bia is really wide and offers a possible choice for everyone. Using Bia cous cous you not only save time but also energy and water.

About the Brand

BIA S.p.A., has been producing for more than 10 years high quality couscous in a wide range of categories. All BIA products are entirely manufactured in Italy. Characterized by advanced technological systems, BIA S.p.A. combines the progress and the consequent production performance with the history of a product that comes from the simplicity of tradition and processing of semolina.

This is like a kind of bridge between past and present that allows you to create unique couscous dishes with pleasant taste, versatility and ease of preparation. BIA S.p.A., currently present in 50 countries worldwide, has as its primary objective the care of the product, of the consumer and of the environment.

The Bia buckwheat Cous Cous, organic or conventional, in its wide range of types, is a perfect choice both for those who want to follow a healthy diet and for those who have specific needs thanks to our Gluten Free line and the Wellness line. PRODUCED IN A DEDICATED FACILITY.


Organic buckwheat flour, water.


Emilia Romagna


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