ligurian pesto

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Ligurian Pesto is a typical sauce of the Liguria region. This world-famous sauce for its green color and for its taste, in fact, it is included among the Traditional Ligurian Food Products (PATs).
The original recipe of Genovese (from the city of Genoa) Pesto has ancient origins, it is thought that the first time it appeared in Italian kitchens in the middle of the nineteenth century. But many consider Pesto as an evolution of the ancient “salted” sauce a garlic-based mortar sauce that dates back to the 13th century and was used for the preservation of cooked food.
The sauce is obtained by grinding in a marble mortar with a wooden pestle, fresh basil with salt, pine nuts, and garlic, all seasoned with Parmesan cheese, Sardinian Fiore cheese, and extra virgin olive oil.
Pesto It is a raw sauce, in which the ingredients are not cooked, thus the ingredients retain their own characteristics and perfumes.
The birth of pesto is due to the millennial tradition of the Liguria region with regard to the aromatic herbs of which the territory is rich.
This green sauce is used to dress pasta, potato gnocchi, Genoese soup, lasagna; but also on fish, on typical Ligurian focaccia, and on flours.

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