In the Middle Ages laudemio was the flower of the harvest, the part destined for the lord’s table. Today the Laudemio trademark is the ambassador on the tables of connoisseurs all over the world of the great oil producing art of Tuscany and of its masterpieces. Laudemio began in the mid nineteen eighties, when a team of forward-thinking growers, custodians of some of the noblest olive crus in the region, signed a pioneering pact for excellence in production, well ahead of national and European legislation. This pact, now as before, is based on strict rules and quality control. History, tradition, genuineness, respect for the territory and the environment are the principles guiding the whole Laudemio production process, from the harmonious management of the olive orchards to the selective harvesting of the fruit at its perfect stage of ripening, from the crushing of the olives to the mixing and rigorously cold extraction, right up to the bottling and careful storage of the oil.


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