bolognese ragùOctober 21st will be the Bolognese Ragù Day, created to promote the ancient and authentic Italian recipe in the world

Next October 21st at Villa Ranuzzi Cospi in Bagnarola di Budrio, in the province of Bologna will be held the first World Day of Bolognese Ragù, with the aim of promoting in Italy and in the world the real Bolognese sauce and overcome the recent diatribes about typicality or “bolognesità”, to define a common line of intent that will be written on the Magna Carta of meat sauce.
To make the real Bolognese Ragù known beyond the local and national boundaries, it is necessary that local authorities, CCIAA, gastronomic associations, sausages and restaurateurs, work together to promote the product. In fact, now the tourist promotion and the gastronomic one go hand in hand, both bring economic benefits for the city.

Ragù Day: program and organization
Throughout the day will be prepared many dishes related to the local culinary tradition such as tagliatelle and lasagna, of course seasoned with a very tasty meat sauce.

Sponsors of the event: Banca Generali Private (Bologna office), PIMCO, Tamburini, Confesercenti Bologna, Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium, Vini Tizzano, Hotel Relais Bellaria and Ristorante Corbezzoli.