Beppino Occelli


Beppino Occelli first broke into the dairy sector in 1976. Beppino Occelli’s love for the land he was born on, can probably explain his story.  Because of the certain mentality and way of life imposed by the industrial logic and by the cultural impoverishment of the rural and mountain areas he came from, it helped shape his personal story of taste, insights, his projects but also the satisfaction. His production of his products has always followed the evolution of taste.  In fact, in all cases, Beppino Occelli’s products have anticipated the changing times. First with his butter, obtained exclusively from first-rate Italian creams and immediately judged amongst the finest in the world, and later with the cheeses when he expanded.


About Beppino Occelli

Beppino Occelli can be located from the Langhe area to the high-altitude summer pastures on the slopes of the Maritime Alps, from the village of Valcasotto to that of Castelmagno. This is where the continual research takes place in order to make everything possible. The temperature of the herbs and the flowers help to lead which a classification of the fields according to months and seasons, and to which selection of the best grasslands and mountain pastures will be. With the farm, the milk sector is guaranteed. Beppino Occelli counts on his cows, goats and sheep on the pastures in summer and in the stalls in winter.

Due to this research, it enables Beppino Occelli to be able to produce Langa and Alpe cheeses. It starts from the milk of animals that occupy and feed on his lands, because of this Beppino Occelli is a large supporter of the “Fondazione Slow Food” (Slow Food Foundation).

Products Beppino Occelli