It’s official: from the 9th of October to the 5th of December 2021 it’ll take place the International Alba White Truffle Fair. The ideal place to appreciate and buy the best of truffles from the woods of Langhe Roero and Monferrato. During all the weekends of the Fair, national and international chefs, local chefs, designers, writers and artists will alternate with a common passion for truffles, the culture of good food and good taste. “Connected with nature” is the theme for 2021, which will be accompanied by the centrality of food and wine the topicality of a very contemporary challenge, that of sustainability. Understood not only in his environmental meaning, but also declined along the social and economic guidelines.


white truffle


About White Truffle

The Alba White Truffle has a globular shape that is often flattened and irregular, with a pale yellow or even ocher peridium. The gleba, crossed by numerous white, very branched veins, varies from milk color to deep pink to brownish. The dimensions are variable. It is harvested from late summer, throughout the autumn, until the beginning of winter. It is an absolutely spontaneous mushroom: to date there are no cultivation techniques.

The shape depends on the characteristics of the soil in which it grows: a soft ground will favor the growth of a spherical-shaped truffle, while a hard, stony ground with many roots, will favor a lumpy shape. The white truffle of Alba grows spontaneously, in symbiosis with specific trees or shrubs. These areas are characterized by an extremely delicate ecological balance, to which it is necessary to devote attention and agronomic care.

The Sustainability Factor

The world-wide media exposure of wine & food has embarked on a virtuous path in recent years, a real humanistic revolution, characterized by a decisive turning point that is taking into account the most contemporary themes, such as environmental protection, climate change and sustainability. As a matter of fact, this years’ fair is focused on the opportunities of the energy transition towards a zero-emission economy.

The key theme of the 91st edition, sustainability will be declined on three axes: environmental, social and economic, through an integrated approach in which characters from the world of the high above will dialogue with each other finance, digital innovation, excellent craftsmanship, high fashion, art, music, design and culture and, of course, designer cuisine.

The Certification

The Fair Authority has started the process of implementing a management system for the White Truffle Fair d’Alba in line with the sustainability requirements of the international standard ISO 20121, on management sustainable events. The Alba White Truffle Fair is therefore designed in such a way as to minimize the impact on the environment and at the same time enhancing the positive effects on people and on the territory. The ISO 20121 certification is a prestigious recognition, of international importance, which it will help to enhance the image of the Fair among an increasingly attentive and sensitive audience to the issues of sustainability.

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