Engadine Walnut Caramel Cream Pie


  • Typical cake from Engadine
  • walnut and caramel cream filling
  • 450 gr

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Engadine Walnut Pie is a typical dessert of the Swiss Canton of Graubünden produced by Dolciaria Valtellinese. A delightful shortcrust pastry stuffed with a walnut and caramel cream filling. Simply perfect for an afternoon break with a cup of tea or coffee, this walnut pie is the ideal dessert to round off a Sunday lunch or dinner with friends, but also a delicious and appreciated gourmet gift. The original recipe, the one still prepared nowadays by Dolciaria Valtellinese, involves the use of genuine and high quality ingredients, such as flour, sugar, walnuts, fresh cream, butter, eggs and honey. The result is a rich and tasty cake, a crunch pastry shell wrapping around a soft and sweet walnut filling.


Dolciaria Valtellinese



Dolciaria Valtellinese

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