Parmesan – Parmigiano Reggiano (24 months) – 250 gr


  • Parmesan
  • Matured 24 months
  • Origin: Parma
  • 250 gr

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Ferrari Parmigiano Reggiano Prodotto di Montagna is produced in the Ferrari dairy factory in Bedonia, in the Upper Valtaro area (Parma) using only milk from the mountain pastures of the surrounding towns, making the most of high quality, niche production, preserving the mountain economy of the area and thus safeguarding the local area and the activity of the people working there.
 Carefully matured by Ferrari for over 24 months, thanks to the mountain milk, the cheese acquires a full, balanced flavour and an aroma


Maturation is an extremely important period because it permits to obtain the typical aroma and taste of the cheese selected by Ferrari and to create unique products with an exquisite taste.

The wheels, after having been manually checked by our experts, are put in a ventilated warehouse, where they are patiently matured under attentive supervision and are constantly cleaned up. The maturation brings the cheeses up to their maximum potential in terms of taste and quality.

Ferrari’s maturing warehouses in Ossago Lodigiano are equipped with a sophisticated ventilation system that keeps the optimal conditions of temperature and humidity so that every wheel reaches its potential.




milk, salt, rennet



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