Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Gonnelli 1585 Frantoio di Santa Tea


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A half litre bottle of an extra virgin olive oil that comes from the careful selection of green olives, hand picked and cold pressed. A strong flavor with an intense aroma of fresh olives with the taste of artichokes and wild grass. Slightly spicy with a full-bodied and well balanced taste. The taste of natural fragrances and aromas from the Chianti Classico region. This olive oil is rich in aromas is the result of the blending of olives freshly picked in the Chianti region and immediately pressed in our small olive oil mill Frantoio di Vertine in Gaiole in Chianti.

About the Brand

In 1585 the family bought the farm of Santa Téa and the related Oil Mill built in 1426. Today the company, owner of the Vertine nel Chianti Classico Oil Mill, represents one of the Italian excellences in the world of extra virgin oil. The philosophy has always been to offer a healthy, genuine and natural product and this is only possible by directly following every phase of the production: the cultivation and selection of the olives, processing at the oil mill, storage and bottling.




100% cold pressed Italian green olives

For more information about Gonnelli 1585 and recipes using their products, check out our Italia Regina’s blog here!



Brand of Italian olive oil

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