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Bruschetta Seasoning Pack –  This package of tomato Bruschetta is perfect for the true Italian cuisine enthusiast. Bruschetta is an absolute Italian classic, with the fine taste of ripe tomatos, garlic, and olive oil. Paired nicely on top of a crusty loaf of bread, this bruschetta will go down as a treat at a dinner party. Raffaelli’s high quality bruschetta will always leave you and your guests wanting more.

About the Brand

In a quest to produce the finest olive oil in Tuscany, the Raffaelli family began to plant their first trees around the end of the 19c and were soon receiving acclaim from all fortunate enough to enjoy, leading to young Enrico’s plans to make their oil available to those outside the region.  The methods have remained unchanged for four generations and remain true to their origins of a century ago: the finest olives picked by hand and brought to the presses with twenty four hours, extracted by cold pressing in mills with stone pounders and unfiltered, but stored for eighteen months in a temperature controlled environment to allow natural sedimentation. Oil is the flagship product of the Raffaelli range, the first with which the company entered the market, and is still the business card with which the company stands out for its quality. After the period of harvesting, selection and pressing, the oil is kept at a constant temperature in the steel containers and, to ensure the product remains in the best possible way, it is bottled only shortly before being put on the market. The result in oil with a balanced taste with the right mix of sweetness and strength. The sense of smell identifies intense and fruity aromas. When tasted, the strong and round flavor affects all the palate area, creating a pleasant spicy aftertaste that goes very well with meat and vegetables, without disdaining fish.




Bruschetta Seasoning Pack – Tomato, garlic, oregano, salt, onion, carrot, celery

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