Arborio Rice Superfino – Il Riso di Nonno Giosuè

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Arborio Rice Superfino 100% Italian, 1kg, for 8 parts. Italian Arborio rice is one of the best-known rice in the world and it is perfect for prepare the traditional risotto. The rice of Riseria Tarantola Della Bruciata coming from the best cultivation areas are processed with extreme care by applying the most advanced technology and the ancient methods that maintain the organoleptic characteristics of the different variety of rice.

About the Brand

The high quality of the rice produced by the Tarantola Della Bruciata rice mill is internationally recognized; it was, in fact, one of the first Italian rice factories that produced and sold organic rice, without the use of chemicals.

About Rice

Rice is a refreshing, detoxifying food and has a mildly astringent effect (if polished) or a stimulus to intestinal evacuation (if whole, and therefore richer in fiber). The characteristics of its green proteins (low in toxins and gluten-free) mean that rice can be consumed without contraindications even by those suffering from gluten intolerance (celiac disease) and some kidney diseases; due to its mildly hypotensive and diuretic action, it is also recommended for heart disease, hypertension, edema and liver cirrhosis. At the beginning of the twentieth century it was very common to administer rice water to sick and convalescents, prepared by soaking a handful of grains for three hours in half a liter of water, then boiling an hour before coming filtered and drunk. Due to its high digestibility, rice does not tire the stomach and is therefore the ideal food for those who fear sleepiness after a meal. Therefore suitable for those who have to travel or have to resume work immediately after eating- Buy Online


Riseria Tarantola dalla Bruciata


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