Arabica Organic Coffee – 250 gr


  • 100% arabica
  • Made in italy
  • Organic
  • Packaged in protective atmosphere
  • 9x6x22cm

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A 100% fine Arabica Organic Coffee blend with a pleasant aroma, full-bodied and medium acidity. Certified organic and fair-solid to respect the product and the man who grows it. Biodegradable and compostable bag, with one-way valve, which allows the partial venting of naturally produced gases. Ground roasted arabica organic coffee. Produced in Italy.

About the Brand

Fratelli Molinari concern was established in Modena in 1800, its activity being in the food sector. Since the birth of the Founder, Giuseppe Molinari, five generations have passed and the sixth has just entered the third millennium. In 1880 the extraordinary success of Molinari’s industrial activity made them the Supplier of the Royal “Casa Savoia”. The first Coffee Tasting Bar was opened in Modena in 1911. It proved to be so successful to enhance Molinari’s roasting activity, which grew so much in importance to become at present Molinari’s central activity and the basis of all technological innovation. Since the beginning Molinari has always meant quality and technological research, resulting in the creation of several innovative products, such as Molinari “Cinque Stelle” tin, the Mokadose System, the pods for espresso coffee machines. Since 1998 Caffè Molinari is a certified company and it actually have the following international certificates : ISO 9001:2008 – BRC British retail consortium – IFS (international food standard) – JAS (Japanese agricultural standard – certification conformity) – KOSHER – AEO From beginning of 2008 Caffè Molinari moved into the new production facility in via Francia 20 Modena, passing from 2.500 sqm. to 6.000 sqm. with a brand new production line with the latest technology available in the roasting industry and a big warehouse with 2400 pallet capacity and 432 dynamic warehouse. Caffè Molinari is a member of Modena Industrial Association.


Arabica coffee



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