Capers are usually preserved in salt, so, before being consumed, they must be subjected to a procedure known as “Desalination“, so we will see now how the desalinate capers.
The desalting process is underestimated by many and is performed incorrectly. In reality, knowing how to properly desalt the capers means to highlight their unique taste, without ruining their texture.
Let’s now see the exact procedures to fully preserve their unmistakable taste.

The desalination with soaking in water
The salted capers should be immersed in water at room temperature for 12 hours, the water should be about twice the amount of capers. Change the water about 3-4 times over 12 hours, tasting, to check the balance between the taste of the caper and the residual salt. If you use medium or large capers the soak times increase and the water must be changed more frequently. If, instead, you have to desalinate very small amounts of capers, you can put them in a colander and rinse them under running water, then leave them to soak in cold water for one or two hours.

Desalination with soaking in white wine
Another method to desalt the capers is to wash them under running water and place them in a little white wine. The wine will dissolve the salt well and the capers will retain their flavor.

The desalted capers can be used immediately or can be transferred into glass containers, covered with oil and stored in the refrigerator.

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