Grissini is a special type of bread, born in Turin in the shape of thin, dry and crunchy rods, and therefore more easily digestible, made of leavened bread dough prepared with type 0 and type 00 soft wheat flour, with or without salt, sometimes seasoned with oil or butter so as to be more crumbly. 

They are usually served as an appetizer with cured meats during some aperitivo, near cheese and olives to snack on. They are often associated with salty dishes but not many know that these Italian specialties can be eaten as a sweet dish too! A very popular pairing is combining grissini with chocolate cream, like the one we have in our shop from the brand Babbi or Valsoia.

The amazing thing about breadsticks is that they are crunchy, easy to carry around and are perfect for a quick snack.

If you want to try having this pairing as a snack, all you have to do is get a box of non salted grissini, like these ones form the brand Bioeko, this is very important because choosing salted grissini might contrast the sweet taste of the cream.

Once you have your non-salted grissini all you have to do is get you a sweet cream and dip them into it!

This way you’ll have a delicious, quick and easy way to take a break during the day without feeling weighted down by the quantity of the food.

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