cappero flower


Cappero is a small flower with a prostrate-drooping habit. The buds, called capers, and more rarely the fruits, known as cucunci, are consumed from the plant. Both are preserved in oil, vinegar or salt.

So capperi means capers, but in Italy, we use this word as an exclamation too, in fact “e che capperi!” or “capperi!!!” is often used as a phrase to express astonishment.

The interpretation varies…

It seems that the expression refers to the flowers of the caper which are showy, beautiful and elegant so when this expression is used it is to express wonder, amazement. It is an expression that was born in Sicily many years ago and has spread to other regions. The capers of Salina and Pantelleria are very famous!

So next time you’re in Italy and you want to express your amazement looking at the beautiful architecture while you’re touring around you can say “Capperi, this is beautiful!”

Until the next one, have fun and be safe.


Photo credit: Pixbay

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