In May in Parma there was the International Food Show, during which ANICAV (the National Association of Vegetable Preserves) and ASSITOL (the Italian association of the oil industry), reiterated it supported the excellence of the three foods at the base of our gastronomic tradition: bread, olive oil, and tomato, to enhance the health aspect of these three foods and the economic weight they have on the Italian market.

It has been assessed that the best health recipe for Italians on the consumer and economic side is bread, oil, and tomato. ANICAV and ASSITOL, both represent 200 companies in the tomato and olive oil sectors have decided to relaunch the “three-color snack”, emphasizing the quality, health benefits and unmistakable flavors of these three products that are the protagonists of Italian and typical cuisine. of our peninsula.

The research carried out over the years has shown that these three foods reinforce the beneficial properties of the other, turning this simple traditional dish into a real “superfood”, totally plant-based, for all tastes and all ages. This has been possible thanks to the fact that in Italy there are about 200 types of bread, with 1500 local variations that take different names depending on the region or even the city: the combination possibilities of the three “super” products are practically endless.

According to numerous research institutes, bread combined with oil reduces its glycemic index and can be an excellent snack for children or a single dish for adults. If the tomato is then added, it creates an excellent combination from the nutritional point of view, in fact, it is thanks to the extra virgin olive oil that the micro-nutrients of the tomato are absorbed by our body.

The Italian “superfood” recipe is also excellent for the Italian economy. In fact, the tomato industry has confirmed itself as one of the strengths of Italian agro-food, recording increasingly positive trends.
The olive oil and semi-finished bakery industries also recorded positive results both from the point of view of consumption and sales.

Bread, olive oil, and tomato are to be considered as three nutritional “treasures” that the world envies us and which, besides being healthy, are able to guarantee turnover and work for our economy.