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Durum wheat semolina and water. 
Grano Armando pasta is made by using just two ingredients worked according to an essential recipe, as demanded by tradition.Yet what makes the flavour of Grano Armando pasta unique is a persistent and innovative search for excellence.That special flavour, recognisable out of a thousand, is the result of using only the best Italian durum wheat, bronze die extrusion, and long drying. These are the three ingredients that transform Grano Armando from simple pasta into an authentic delicacy for the palate.



Armando is a determined little boy and a dreamer. He has a bent for looking at things like no one else. Where there is a wheat field, he sees the sea and goes for a sail. 
His determination leads him to share his dream and excitement with the people dearest to him, who become crucial to a virtuous project, turning his vision into reality.




12 Minutes



Zero impact pack: 
the package disintegrates completely with dampness

Consistent with respect for nature and safeguarding authentic countryside values, Grano Armando is the first pasta to have zero impact wrapping, made with compostable materials, paper from certified reforestation programmes, combined with vegetable-base film with biodegradable adhesives printed only with ecological inks completely free of plastic materials.

A compostable product is biodegradable and can disintegrate in a short time, releases no hazardous substances and does not alter the quality of the compost produced.



Corn Flour, Rice Flour, Quinoa, Corn Starch



Grano Armando

Brand of Italian pasta

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