Nespresso Compostable Moro Italian Coffee capsules


  • Four packs of 10 Compostable coffee capsules
  • Artisanal coffee roasting
  • High quality

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40 Nespresso compostable moro capsules Italian blend coffee 

About the Brand

Coffeeshare is a family roasting company based in the province of Modena, born in 2016. Our company specializes in the processing of premium quality coffee, processed in an artisanal way, which allows a careful selection of beans. First selection coffee offer, hand-roasted. We have selected several coffees with unique profiles, to satisfy all needs during the course of the day. The opportunity migrates to recharge your energy and increase your productivity, to stimulate creativity and to strengthen relationships between colleagues, at the coffee break. The possibility of being able to taste a quality coffee during a busy working day is recognized by employees as one of the main company benefits, capable of increasing well-being in the office and increasing loyalty. They offer a wide selection of coffee blends and single origins designed for all palates and a wide range of drinks for all tastes. Capsules and pods Coffee beans Powder products. Their accessories are designed to enhance the Coffeeshare line and make each coffee a unique experience. They will provide you with items suited to your needs to serve your coffee. Sachets of granulated or brown sugar to make the coffee tastier. Accessory cabinet on which to place the coffee machine. On request they offer customization service, you can sell their product with your brand and create your own line! You can choose the color of the bag or capsule wrapping from those available. Their graphic department will be at your disposal to create a personalized label with your logo to be applied on the coffee bags.




Nespresso Compostable Moro: 70% Robusta, 30% Arabica. Intense and creamy. Plastic free, compostable

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