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Legumes-based Pasta Legù is made using an artisanal process using a mixture of different legumes (chickpeas, peas, and white beans). A portion of Legù pasta contains just over half the carbohydrates of traditional durum wheat pasta and twice as much in vegetable protein. Legù is rich in fibers, 100% natural and with a very low salt content

Paccheri Legù Ingredients: flour steamed chickpeas, flour from steamed white beans, flour from steamed shelled yellow peas.



Dal Gusto is an Italian company located in Milan, which selects and distributes different food products with reduced salt content. The idea of the company is looking for quality companies asking them to review the original recipes by reducing the amount of salt.
The products are divided into 3 different lines: Salessenza, Dolcessenza, and Dal Gusto Selezione. The company has more than 200 references including pasta and rice, legumes and cereals, sauces (meat, fish, and vegetables), condiments and spices, honey, chocolate, compotes and extra jams.


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