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Farfallina Candies by Akellas company are mini candies fruit taste. They are funny and colorful, assorted 5 different tastes: lemon, orange, strawberry, pear, and blueberry.

Package size: 1 kg (900 mini hard candies).

Farfallina Candies Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, acid: citric acid, flavorings, concentrated extract of safflower. Colourings: E160c, E163, E132.



Akellas was born as a confectionery company in Milan that in 1954 created Monk’s balsamic candies, joining the tradition of the ancient recipe for high-quality ingredients and the efficiency of the most advanced technologies.
Akellas, in addition to the Monk’s balsamic candies, offers sweets for the throat, sugar-free and classic fruit candies.
The company only selects quality raw materials to be cooked. The “nude” candy is then collected, wrapped in order to preserve the aroma, packed in envelopes or in practical stick and checked to ensure the ultimate quality.



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