Cold Pressed Oil – Extra Virgin Olive – 500ml

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  • Premium 100% Italian Extra Virgin olive oil
  • From Liguria olives
  • Cold pressed
  • Low acidity level 
  • 500ml in glass bottle

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Cold Pressed Oil –  Extra Virgin Olive Oil – A delicious selection of Italian extra virgin olive oil, ideal for offering and sharing with family and friends. Polla’s extra virgin olive oil preserves all the nutritional values of the olive, particularly vitamins E, A, K and D, excellent antioxidants for the body. Cold pressing is a common way to make olive oil without the use of heat or chemicals. It involves crushing olives into a paste, then applying force with a mechanical press to separate the oil from the pulp. According to European food standards, temperatures cannot exceed 81°F (27°C) (1). Cold pressing may help olive oil retain its nutritional value, as nutrients and beneficial plant compounds can break down under high heat. The highest grades of olive oil — extra virgin and virgin — are always cold pressed.

About the Brand

Nicolò Polla takes its products production very seriously to continue the tradition inherited for 5 generations. Already in 1875 Paolo Polla and his son Nicolò began to grind the olives in the stone mill in the Ligurian village of Toirano, 3 km from the sea halfway between Genoa and the French border. Their process is as simple as possible to preserve the natural taste and purity of the ingredients. They are extremely proud to carry on this tradition.


Cold Pressed Oil – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Nicolò Polla


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