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Carnaroli Rice 100% Italian by Terra et Aqua company, thanks to its natural purity and its fragrance, is perfect for making the typical Italian risotto.Aging is a natural process that enhances the characteristics of the rice and makes it perfect for the preparation of risotto.

About the Brand

Terra et Aqua is the expression of the knowledge and knowledge of four generations of farmers immersed in the heart of Lomellina, where the perfection of nature produces the best quality of 100% Italian rice. Moreover, thanks to their elegant packaging, they are also the perfect gift for those who love cooking and do not want to give up style, even in the kitchen! Carnaroli rice is a very fine variety of superfine rice. Its fragrance is the symbol of the Italian rice tradition. The beans have an exceptional compactness, they are large and elongated with a small central pearl. It boasts an exceptional cooking resistance. It is perfect for risotto and complex preparations. Gioiello rice is a precious and rare variety of rice. Each bean explodes in an irresistible natural vanilla fragrance, which fills the atmosphere with poetic and evocative notes. It is a brown rice, fine and rich in antioxidants. Thanks to its very high quality, it is ideal consumed alone, as a side dish or as a base for salads.

How to cook

Carnaroli Rice 100% Italian: At first soften the finely chopped onion in hot olive oil, add the rice and roast it until it turns translucent, deglaze the rice with white wine and then gradually add hot broth, after 12-minute cream the risotto with butter and Parmesan Cheese.


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