2 Pasta Pack and 1 Pesto Jar – Gift pack


  • 1 Genoese Pesto 185 gr
  • 1 Genoese Trofiette 500 gr
  • 1 Pack of Olive Leaves 500 gr
  • Pesto with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and PDO Basil
  • Durum wheat semolina
  • 100% Italian

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This giftbox contains pasta and pesto packs – PESTO: Classic Genoese pasta sauce known and appreciated all over the world. recipe original as required by the production specification to be able to boast the words “Pesto Genoese”. Excellent for all types of pasta, in vegetable soups or simply spread on bread. Particularly suitable for children for its high digestibility. TROFIETTE GENOVESI: Durum wheat pasta grown and milled in Italy. Worked with water source of the Ligurian Apennines and dried at low temperature. All this confers on this product has a unique flavor and consistency and a high digestibility even when cooked prolonged. OLIVE LEAVES: Durum wheat pasta grown and milled in Italy. Worked with water of source of the Ligurian Apennines, added with spinach that give the product a beautiful color green and a particular taste. Low temperature dried. All this gives to this produced a unique flavor and consistency and high digestibility even with prolonged cooking. This pesto and pasta giftbox is perfect for Christmas.

About the Brand

The company “Giacomo Costa fu Andrea” was founded in 1860, founded by the brothers Giobatta (1825/1892) and Giacomo Costa (1836/1910). From 1880 Giacomo became the sole owner and with the help of his sons Luigi, Eugenio, Enrico and Federico, the brand “Olio Costa” became increasingly known. These reasons, in addition to the knowledge of the territory and national producers developed by their family in 150 of presence in the oil sector, have guided them to select exclusively Italian oils and extra virgin olive oils. They know everything about our oils: the territory, the exposure, the microclimate, the plants, the fruits from which they are extracted and the methods of pressing. This is why they can guarantee the quality and satisfaction of their customers who bring extra virgin olive oils and other products from the Lorenzo Costa fu Eugenio line to their tables every day.


PESTO: Genoese Basil DOP 45% Extra virgin olive oil Olive oil Pine nuts Cashews salt Grana Padano cheese (milk, rennet, salt, egg lysozyme) Pecorino cheese (milk, rennet, salt) Garlic acidifier E270 TROFIETTE GENOVESI: Durum wheat semolina OLIVE LEAVES: Durum wheat semolina, 3% spinach

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