Giusti Balsamic Vinegar

As one of the oldest producers, Giuseppe Giusti founded his brand in 1605.

The vinegar became so well known that by the late 1800s they were being presented at some of the worlds most prestigious expositions. With continual success, Giusti is now one of the most popular among many Italian delicacies.

Since the 17th century, the Giusti family has been taking care of its Balsamic Vinegar, handing down a recipe that translates into harmonies of taste and excellent products appreciated all over the world. Obtaining a great balsamic vinegar depends on the competence, experience and sensitivity of those who produce it and on the long time of maturation and aging. Proud of a know-how refined in over four hundred years of history, Acetaia Giusti combines respect for tradition with a modern and sustainable production philosophy, which enhances the people and the territory in which it operates.

In the headquarter you can also find the museum where 10 thematic rooms show you the long and fascinating history of balsamic vinegar, strictly connected to the town of Modena and the Giusti family: a journey through objects like the ancient jars used for preserving the balsamic vinegar, the tools used by the masters-acetieri and the first bottles and leaflets from the 1900s, the barrels presented in Florence in 1861 during the Italian Exhibition. You can also find the document who testify that in 1929 the family became the official supplier of Balsamic Vinegar of the Savoia royal family. Do not forget to book your visit



The balsamic quality conquered the King of Italy Vittorio Emanuele III, who decided to appoint the Righteous “Suppliers of the Royal House of Savoy“, granting in 1929 the high privilege of exhibiting the relevant coat of arms. And so between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries the Giuseppe Giusti Balsamic Vinegars made themselves known all over the world and enjoyed unanimous success among the European public. Presented at the various International Exhibitions of the Belle Epoque thanks to the initiative of Giuseppe and after him Pietro Giusti, the 30, 50 and even 100-year-old Balsamic Vinegars that are the pride of Giusti production won numerous prestigious medals, 14 of which gold. We also created a blog post about it.






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