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The Rinaldi family’s passion for creating and producing the traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena is what makes this company so sought after. The rich flavours from the prestigious vinegar products that are stored in various sets of casks dating back to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Tradition is what sets Casa Rinaldi apart as it was founded in 1979. 

In the 1990s, the traditional balsamic vinegar from Casa Rinaldi was awarded the Trofeo del Ventennale, the most prestigious award in the sector and, with the Migliore del Migliori diploma, has carried the title of world champion to 2010. Having won over the Italian home market with the special flavours of this balsamic vinegar, Casa Rinaldi is now entering the international scen with success, which is proving very receptive because of the company’s vast range of products and the care and attention shown to its customers.

2009 was a turning point for Casa Rinaldi, they celebrated 30 years in business, and has made a decision to restyle their products with a new modern, elegant, and all-Italian look.It’s old favourites including the balsamic vinegar, a symbol of Modenese culinary tradition; extra virgin olive oil, typical all around the Mediterranean as well as unexpected new lines such as honey with chili pepper, citrus flavoured salt and more.


Quality is a priority for Casa Rinaldi. It is one of the key factors that allows it to guarantee high standards of its products. This is made possible by the Quality Management System that guides the company in its processes in order both to ensure the safety and compliance of food, both to meet the expectations and desires of the customer. The quality process in the last decade the certification in the food industry has been characterized by a strong dynamism. Consumers increasingly manifest greater attention to issues such as nutritional safety, the pleasure of gastronomic tradition, the link between producers and distributors, the environmental and social impact caused by the production of the foods they buy. This results in a greater demand for guarantees, assurances and certainties that result under the standard, mandatory and voluntary standards applied by the operators along the food chain.

To cope with this growing attention and to ensure it is consistently high quality standards, ALIS, active in compliance with international standards, in particular the international ISO 9001: 2008. To ensure this, ALIS, has established a set of “rules” that make up its “Quality Management System” and will include the organizational structure, process management and product information, the selection and periodic evaluation of suppliers, catalog checks, verification of the degree of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of all business processes. All of these “rules” are written and documented through procedures which are regularly reviewed and implemented.

The Product Quality The excellence of the products offered by ALIS, is nothing but the result of the selection of the best Italian culinary tradition and the quality offered at several levels: from raw material to finished product. The excellent quality is guaranteed already upstream from a careful and rigorous selection of the producers, periodically subjected to control visits, and is of fundamental importance the choice of technologies suited to preserve the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of products through the ‘ application of high chemical and physical standards, microbiological and organoleptic, permits thanks to the quality and freshness of raw materials. All this combined by supply times, storage and shipping essential reduced allow to obtain genuine products and with high durability. The excellent management of Quality developed by ALIS, combined with rigorous selection of the producers, allows to obtain products with a high implied value of quality and tradition, so as to allow the matching of needs of the most demanding consumers, eager for more and higher quality products.


Casa Rinaldi along the historic fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo is at the forefront to support the economy of Lower Modena that was hit by the recent earthquakes in the area. For next autumn-winter season House Rinaldi will provide all the scheduled events of the Florentine house and the culinary excellence of the territory of Emilia, derived exclusively from the manufacturers to give to the earthquake victims.


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