Loriana is not a simple flatbread. Loriana is the piadina par excellence, born in Forlì in 1973. The original recipe, prepared with Romagna wheat flour and lots of love. Otherwise it would be one like the others.

Who is Loriana

The first Piadina di Loriana was born in Forlì over 40 years ago Loriana loved being in the kitchen. The cutting board had always been her favorite game ever since, as a child, she had seen water and flour meet and create wonderful things, grandmother’s Piadine (… which, as she was called Loriana).
Those that were kneaded only by hand, which first made the ball and then rolled out with a rolling pin. Those that had the pan on purpose to cook them, the traditional text, and the flame went low and you had to look at them and turn them when the brown spots appeared. Those that, when you brought them to the table, immediately became cheerful, which were good in every way.

The History

During the 60′ in Forlì in the heart of Romagna, Mrs Loriana and her husband Eolo united by their passion for Piadina marry an idea: to create an artisan workshop to produce it on their own. The irresistible fragrance began to spread in the surrounding area with the direct sale of the fresh and loose Piadina: it is round, large and with the typical small spots that appear on the surface when you take a cooked.
Then during the 70′ the Vera Romagna company was born: from the bosom of tradition the marketing of Piadina under the Loriana brand began to spread. Packaged at a fixed weight, it went beyond regional borders, crossed the Apennines, arrived first in Tuscany and then traveled with taste throughout Italy. But it has always remained firm on one point: fidelity to the characteristics of goodness typical of the artisan product, without preservatives. The time passed and the love for Piadina grew, and important resources were invested to package it on a larger scale. Thanks to a new vacuum production technology, it was possible to guarantee the maintenance of its delicious fragrance for up to 100 days. In this way, the export of Piadina Loriana could also be extended to conquer new horizons abroad, even in America.

By the year 2000 the Vera Romagna company was as appetizing as its Piadina: it was acquired by the Deco Industrie group of Bagnacavallo di Ravenna. It was easy to be trendy with Loriana’s goodness: her new Organic Piadina made everyone fall in love. Thanks to exclusive recipes and technologies, Rollable and Sfogliatissima Piadine are created, also in the 100% vegetable versions that combine lightness and taste. Great news that make you savor great successes: the Sfogliatissime won the Grand Prix of Marketing and Innovation and are elected Product of the Year 2007 and 2011. Then on 2010 piadina increasingly deserves love, respect and care. To protect its origin and territoriality, in 2011 the Consortium for the protection of Piadina Romagnola was established: Loriana is proud to be one of the founding companies of the same. Piadina Romagnola obtains the PGI quality mark from the European Union and opens the prospect of deserving the same recognition to Loriana. In 2013: on the occasion of her 40th anniversary, Loriana celebrates the certification of the PGI Piadina alla Rimini and the Flavor of the Year award. While it confirms its territorial excellence, it establishes itself as an international brand: in all large-scale retail chains in Italy and abroad, with 14 million pieces baked a year, Loriana is at home. Satisfy modern consumers with pleasures rich in taste and increasingly light, such as the dietetic Piadina Light with rice flour and the Piadina with organic Kamut flour. Tease the palates with inviting ideas such as the Mini Piada, the Pan Piadina, the Piadapizza, the new Breads and Focaccia. It is in 2017 that Integrale makes its debut, while the following year it is the turn of Legumes.In 2019, the latest addition arrives: Gluten Free. And the love continues …

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