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Started up in 1975, Prosciuttificio San Michele is located in the heart of Parma, town famous for the production of Prosciutto di Parma, and it is nowadays one of the most dynamic firms operating in the cured meat field. Believing that these are the key to success and development starting from our breeding we put our emphasis on environment, safety control rules, hygiene, animals well being ensuring a complete and transparent product traceability as testified by the numerous prestigious certifications we have awarded
With the aim of offering excellent products of high quality to our customers we use a breeding farm under our control, the so called “di suini a ciclo chiuso” where the farmers breed and rear pigs, putting attention to all the aspects connected to feeding and raising of the animals, together with the experience and tradition in the curing process.


Italian pig breeding, above all in the North of Italy, is totally different from other European countries.
Usually we breed pigs for the production of delicatessens and high quality hams. Italian companies are oriented towards the production of animals being very heavy; this is the reason why it is called “heavy pork”.

For this purpose, meat must be mature, have a high capacity to keep juices, should be odourless and without anomalous flavours and last but not least it must have an appropriate content of fat, useful in both the seasoning and cooking process to develop the flavouring desired. The ideal animal morphology have to satisfy precise conditions: big size, skin without pigmentation, white pig bristle, compact structure, trunk not so long and broad but instead deep, in a sort of cylindrical form laterally compressed. Moreover it has to have a muscular build, stout skeleton and limbs, burly shoulder adhered to trunk, developed and plump thighs and buttocks and strong abdomens.



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