Spinosa is a producer of PDO Campana Buffalo Mozzarella and Buffalo Ricotta that was founded in 1994. The company originally specialized in distributing on local markets in the Campania and Lazio regions. Now, from the experience of the past has been enhanced with new ideas for a more strategic outlook able to satisfy new eating trends and demands.

Their successes have come from many hard working employees from human resources of proven experience and professionalism – sales, administration, production finance and quality system control – able to satisfy “the new demands” of customers and end consumers. While the success of PDO campana Buffalo Mozzarella appears unstoppable, today they continue to firmly believe in what they do.

Spinosa has a strong inclination towards the market and the protection and safeguarding of the end customer/consumer, and that is why Spinosa is the partner of key players in Large-Scale Distribution and, to an increasing extent, spokesperson and ambassador of pdo campana buffalo mozzarella in Italy and the world.




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