The RucolaPiù brand begins with the idea of making rocket salad something “more” (“più” in Italian). That’s how they started the project of a line of organic products having as the main hero their fresh rucola, farmed on their fields. Since they were little, rucola used to fill their kitchen, There was so much of it, they had to do something. Their granny made pesto out of it and it soon became a family recipe.
Now, two generations later, it came natural for them to go back to those fields, that farm and that kitchen. Past generations are their example and they inspired them in their renovation through a high quality product that comes from the earth and gets back to the table through an innovative and well-cared process. They were not born farmers, professionally speaking, but it became their point of arrival. They love calling themselves “farmers by choice”.

The Product

Rucolapiù’s hero product is an organic pesto, born from a careful research on rocket salad processing and conservation of its organoleptic properties. The production process, studied in its smallest detail, exalts rucola’s natural and peculiar taste also thank to new generation machinery.


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