Company Gallo Marco in Udine has been producing handcrafted legume pasta from 100% organic and 100% Italian flours, since 2019, for those looking for a healthy and vegetable diet. They are a small artisan company that has decided to produce dry pasta using only organic flour from Italian legumes. Their laboratory is located in Udine, a beautiful Friulian city at the foot of the morainic hills and a few kilometers from Austria and Slovenia. Here they were born and here they want to keep our business, carrying it on with passion and seriousness: however small their laboratory is, they are the only producers in Friuli Venezia Giulia to offer dry pasta with legume flour. Why did they choose legumes? They are an exceptional food: they contain much more protein than cereals, they are low in fat but rich in dietary fiber, they help to control the level of cholesterol and intestinal functions, they give a lot of energy and nourish well, adapting to any type of recipe. They want to favor both those with intolerances to all types of wheat and those who want to follow a diet with fewer carbohydrates and more vegetable proteins, creating a product that is also suitable for the needs of every athlete. They have chosen three types of organic flours because we strongly believe that organic is the result of an agriculture that nourishes the earth, respects it and does not impoverish it: this is the most important thing that we must protect today.


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