Fattorie Giacobazzi

Fattorie Giacobazzi was founded in 1988 by Mirella and his sons Angelo, Leonardo and Roberto, to develop the ancient family business of balsamic vinegar production. . Angelo, an enologist, began participating in the largest international events and managed to create an important market in the USA and UK. The range of products was getting more and more differentiated for the network of customers in the most diverse countries in the world. Today it exports from Canada to Australia, from Japan to the United States, as well as from South Africa to Norway.

Fattorie Giacobazzi’s productions, at least of the highest quality, are closed loop, from grapes to finished products. Giacobazzi Farms have created a market offering its own branded products but also as a customer brand. The company is recognized for its excellent product quality, and Angelo and Leonardo as administrators, are actively involved in the various local consortia and associations with the aim of promoting and defending the originality and tradition of Modena.

In the awareness of wanting to promote the ancient balsamic production tradition, Fattorie Giacobazzi has always focused on the choice of good grapes, best steaks and long ripening times in order to obtain the highest quality levels. Great attention is paid to the needs of the consumer, and for this reason, the company already joined in 2000 as the founder of the AIB quality system of the leaves. A series of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP of the very highest range, with Argentum, Aurum and Platinum grades obtained with long aging in barriques, comes to the table of the most demanding gourmet. Fattorie Giacobazzi always responds with quality to the most modern market requirements and has developed more and more complete series of organic products, Kosher, Halal, as well as various creams and seasonings, always based on the best balsamic vinegar.



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