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Dolciaria Naldoni is a modern company started by Luca Naldoni, Giuseppe’s son, in 2011. Luca carefully chooses the ingredients as he wants to continue his family traditions and sell genuine and healthy products.
The new plant is located in Fognano near Brisighella where, with the help of his staff, he can be more flexible and provide a new range of products that can meet the market needs.
Dolciaria Naldoni is the result of a three-generation family tradition and has evolved throughout the years, always keeping the same high-quality and the longstanding traditions.

The Naldoni Forno was born in 1951 when Romano decided to start the bakery business and open the oven in front of the town church, in San Martino in Gattara.
We are in the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines, right on the border between Romagna and Tuscany, along the valley of the Lamone river. Romano’s was the classic mountain bread, kneaded manually with spring water and baked in a wood oven.
In a short time the oven became a landmark of the town: the housewives bring to Romano dough to be cooked, they meet and exchange home recipes.
The work grows and involves the whole family: at the end of the seventies, Romano’s children, Giuseppe and Floriana, begin to work in the oven and combine the production of bread with that of sweets. The small village bakery also becomes a small pastry shop, specializing in simple and genuine sweets of the local tradition. In 1978, following the increase in demand, the marketing of confectionery products began in small outlets and, since 1990, also within large-scale distribution. All this history, the passion for one of the oldest professions in the world, as well as the love for the land and simple flavors, have been handed down to Luca, son of Giuseppe, who in 2010 took over the confectionery production of the bakery of family and started the activity of Dolciaria Naldoni. Today, the historic workshop of San Martino in Gattara is flanked by a modern artisan laboratory where the recipes of the past of the village oven are made with the same care and passion and arrive in the houses in the city.

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