Pontedassio in 1824 is where Agnesi began and recounts nearly 200 years of experience and a love for pasta. Paolo Battista Agnesi, knowing the quality of grain was essential, built up a fleet of sailing ships in 1850 that left Oneglia four times a year for the Ukraine, where they would buy the world’s finest Taganrog durum wheat. As years past, the Agnesi’s marketed the first packaged pasta in 1920 and from there have made ground-breaking accomplishments. Agnesi contributed to the history of advertising with their famous posters by Peynet and Testa. Their ad “Silence. Agnesi speaks” became an unforgettable chapter in the brand’s advertising history. The new image for Agnesi was released in 2009 and clearly shows the values their brand holds dear. The sailing vessel evokes the spirit of the voyages in search of the world’s finest durum wheat, and is the symbol of quality, tradition, commitment and team spirit they value today.





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