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Carasau Bread has been added to Zingarelli Italian dictionary

  On November 8, 2017, on the occasion of the centenary anniversary of the dictionary of the Italian publishing house Zanichelli, the term "bread carasau" became part of the Zingarelli vocabulary. The Carasau Bread was defined as "kind of Sardinian-shaped bread, very...

Do you know how many types of Pasta exist?

  Pasta is the queen of Italian culinary tradition. It is loved by adults and children and is seasoned with sauces of all kinds: vegetables, meat, or fish. There are countless formats in Italy; some typologies are known all over the world while others are popular in...

How to eat Italian Spaghetti

Everyone in the world has a different way to eat Italian Spaghetti: who cut them, who uses the spoon to roll them or who breaks them in half before cooking them, but for the Italian galateo exists only one way to eat them.

How to disalate Capers

Capers are the unopened buds of the plant, and they can be sold under salt, under oil or vinegar. It is very important to know how and the tricks and tips to disalate Capers under salt.

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