Tris Lemon, Basil, Mushroom extra virgin olive oil – 3 tins x 100 ml

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An amazing tris of three different flavored olive oils (Lemon, Basil, and Mushroom) by Azienda Agricola Marchesi to flavor and make unique every dishes.

Lemon oil Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil 96%, lemon peel 2%, natural lemon flavour 2%.

Basil oil Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil 94%, basil 5%, natural flavor 1%.

Mushroom oil Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil 96.5%, Porcini Mushrooms 2.5% Natural Flavourings 1%


The guarantee of high quality is provided by the certification “Sabina D.o.p.”. This is done on the entire production, from olive, the mill (Control the temperature of pressing), up to storage (stainless steel containers) and bottling (with semi-automatic machines in stainless steel). The oil is subjected to chemical analysis-organoleptic by the laboratories of the CCIAA. of Rome, that after being subjected to 9 different parameters of analysis determines the suitability test by Pannel, ie the taste sensory performed by different tasters.

Origin: Roma



Brand of Italian olive oil


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