Pasta and Chickpeas Bio Hamper


500 gr Pasta De Cecco, 800 gr bio chickpeas, 2 x 10 ml extra virgin olive oil, 2 terracotta bowl

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“Pasta and Chickpeas” Bio Hamper contains: 1 pack of Mezzi Ditalini Rigati Pasta of De Cecco (500 gr), 1 pack of Bio Chickpeas Colfiorito Fertitecnica (800 gr), 2 bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil San Giuliano (10 ml each) and 2 terracotta bowl.

Pasta and chickpeas is a typical dish of Campana, Apulian, Sicilian and Roman cuisine and has ancient origins. Chickpeas are always a great nutrition alternative to meat or fish.

Chickpeas have always been a real salvation for the poor diet of the peasants who joined it with pasta. Infac fish and meat were too expensive and therefore reserved for the richest.

Pasta and chickpeas are considered a “poor” dish but at the same time complete from a nutritional point of view, rich in proteins and carbohydrates.



Pasta and chickpeas ingredients:

  • 500 gr of chickpeas
  • 350 gr of mezzi ditalini rigati pasta
  • 50 gr of onions
  • 40 gr of extra virgin olive oil
  • 50 gr of carrots
  • 50 gr of celery
  • 250 gr of tomato paste
  • 50 gr white wine
  • 1 sprig of rosemary
  • salt and pepper



For prepare Pasta and Chickpeas, start from the frying with carrot, celery and onion. Then join the chopped rosemary and let it brown for a few minutes. Blended with white wine, salted and peppered and add the chickpeas (boiled before) in the frying pan. Combine the tomato paste, let it simmer in a gentle heat for at least 15 minutes, and stretch it with a bowl of water. In the meantime, boil a pot of salt water and put the pasta. Drain the pasta to the tooth, add it in the pan and stir well, mix it all so that the pasta is well combined with all the ingredients: your pasta and chickpeas is ready to be tasted!






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